Isaiah – Chapter 64

The Potter and The Clay

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Like fire, which makes things boil and melt, G-d will make His Name known to the nations, who will tremble before Him. G-d performed wonders for the Jews, which we didn’t deserve. When He descended on Mt. Sinai, mountains melted away. No one ever heard of deeds like G-d did for Israel and no one ever saw a “god” besides G-d perform miracles for a nation.

But we sinned and made G-d angry, so He allowed the righteous among us to perish; we used to be saved because of those righteous, but now we can only be saved because G-d does so for His own sake. Since we’ve lost the righteous like a discarded garment, we are all like a spiritually unclean person. We are like a dry leaf and our sins toss us around like the wind. Nobody summons up the strength to overpower temptation and return to G-d since He has hidden Himself from us.

Even now, G-d is still our Father. We are like clay and He is the potter. We ask that G-d not be angry and recall our sins forever. Jerusalem and other cities have become deserts; the Temple has been burned. G-d has managed to restrain Himself through this. We pray that He will not remain silent and allow us to be subjugated for much longer.

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