Isaiah – Chapter 2

Can I Have a "Word" With You?

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

After his “chazon” – the harsh prophecy of chapter 1 – Isaiah now has a “davar” – a “word” of consolation. At the “end of days,” after the wicked are destroyed, G-d’s House will be firmly established. All the nations will flock to Him, turning their instruments of war into farming implements.

Isaiah speaks to G-d and says that He had turned His back on the Jews because of their sins. The land became full of gold and silver, horse and chariots, and idols. G-d will not overlook the infidelity of those who turned to idols. The egotistical will be humbled and G-d alone will be praised.

There is a day when G-d will repay everyone according to their deeds. All the mighty and powerful warriors and governors, who liken themselves to cedars and oaks, will be brought down to their place. A person who takes pride in his material possessions will likewise be humbled. On the day of judgment, G-d alone will be exalted.

The idols will pass away. People will try to hide from G-d in caves, tossing their idols into ditches. (Of course, there’s no hiding from G-d!) Don’t listen to people who try to lead you astray. People’s lives are fleeting moments and their handiwork – idols – are surely valueless.

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