Ezekiel – Chapter 25

Amon, Moav, Edom and Philistia

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

G-d spoke to Ezekiel and said he should prophesize to the people of the nation Amon. He should tell them to listen to the word of G-d because they rejoiced when the Temple was conquered and the Jews were exiled. G-d would deliver them into the hands of the nation of Aram. Aram will settle in the land of Amon, building temples and palaces, and they will eat all the goodness of the land. Eventually, they will abandon the land and Rabba, the capital of Amon, will become a place for herds of camels and flocks (meaning desolate, bereft of people). G-d decreed this because they applauded and stamped their feet with joy for everything that happened to Israel. G-d is giving Amon over to be plundered by the nations and He will cause them to disappear from the land.

G-d said because Moav and Seir said that Judah is like all the other nations (meaning that G-d has removed His special consideration from them), G-d will expose their weakness and allow their enemies to enter. The invaders who conquer Amon would come by way of Moav. G-d will also allow Moav to fall into the hands of these invaders so that people will know that He pays for the evil that is done. When G-d punished Judah for their sins, Edom did not stand by them (as we will see in the book of Obadaiah). G-d said that He will cut off Edom, from man to beast, and lay waste to the land from the south (Yemen?) and the city Dedan will be conquered by the sword.

G-d also spoke of the Philistines, who constantly harassed the Jewish people unprovoked. G-d will stretch His hand upon them and cut them off. (The pasuk here calls the Philistines “Kreisim,” the same root as the word meaning “to cut off.” The choice of words suggests that the Philistines were inherently deserving of this fate.) G-d will act upon them with great fury and they will recognize that this punishment came from Him.

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