Wisdom and Lineage

Shiur #57 in Rav Aharon Kahn’s Hashkafah Series Based on Mishlei with Biur HaGra.

Content Description: Mishlei verse 3:15. Further discussion of the prioritizing of a scholarly mamzer over an ignorant Kohen Gadol. Hierarchy and limitations are needed to permit entering the kodesh kodashim, whereas Torah is accessible to everyone. Comparison of the start and end of Parshas Va-yetse; transitions in Yaakov’s understanding of where kedushah is to be found.

Citations: Besides the commentaries related to Mishlei, the following sources are also referenced in this shiur: Sfas Emes Badmibar Parshas Naso 5641 and 5647, found in the source packets on pages 1-2.

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