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Just a Minor Sin?
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You cannot experiment with sinning. Being tainted with “some sin” is actually an undermining of the whole relationship’s purity. A person’s tremendous potential is often only seen at moments of great distress and trial. Why aren’t these characteristics present and felt every day? Because our sins have resulted in our greatness being shackled. In moments […]
The OU’s Shoshana Grossman Nach Yomi Calendar for 2015-2017
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Page 1: December 2015-May 2016 (Joshua 1-Isaiah 20) Page 2: June 2016-November 2016 (Isaiah 21-Micah 5) Page 3: December 2016-May 2017 (Micah 6-Proverbs 2) Page 4: June 2017-December 2017 (Proverbs 3-II Chronicles 36) Or download the PDF! Also of interest, the OU’s Tanach pamphlet! And last, but far from least…subscribe to the OU’s Shoshana Grossman […]