By Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz, delivered at the OU Israel Center

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Celebrating the Life Hashem Gave You (Mishlei 16:4 and 22:2)
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(Proverbs 16:4) כל פעל ה’ למענהו” – משלי ט”ז:ד” (Proverbs 22:2) עשיר ורש נפגשו עשה כלם ה'” – משלי כב:ב” (Proverbs 29:13) רש ואיש תככים נפגשו מאיר עיני שניהם ה'” – משלי כט:יג” Nothing in the world is intrinsically useless. To the Conductor of the orchestra every sound is significant. All, rich and poor, are […]
Life is Growth, There is No Standing Still (Mishlei 15:24)
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The difference between “חכמה” and “מוסר” and between שופטים and שוטרים as it applies to our personal spiritual level. Even though a person may know what’s right (שופט) doesn’t mean he is able to enforce it and exercise self-control (שוטר) Delivered at the OU Israel Center, August 19th, 2018 (8 Elul 5778) This shiur is […]
Learning from the Ant (Mishlei 6:6)
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The ability to perform an act that will produce benefit down the road rather than focusing on immediate gratification. The greatness of benefitting from one’s own labor. Delivered at the OU Israel Center, August 5th, 2018 (24 Av 5778) This shiur is sponsored by Mel and Pessy Krausz David. Please join us at the OU Israel […]
The Love in God’s Rebuke (Mishlei 3:12)
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Why does there seem to be a lot of repetition in the haftarot of consolation? Are there synonyms in Tanach or does each word mean something different (e.g. גילה, רינה, דיצה, חדוה)? If, as some mefarshim say, different words can mean the same thing, why is there repetition? What does it accomplish? Delivered at the […]
The Hidden Blessings of Failure (Mishlei 24:16)
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A wicked person tries to make this world difficult for the righteous but also tries to take away his Olam Haba. In addition to the Yetzer Hara to sin, there is a yetzer hara that is a consequence of the sin and tries to prevent a person from repenting. Delivered at the OU Israel Center, […]
The Seven Pillars of Wisdom (Mishlei 9:1)
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Mishlei calls the seven (sic) books of the Torah the seven pillars of wisdom. Bamidbar is really three books, the second of which is two verses. Rav Tzadok HaKohen on the three Books of Numbers. Delivered at the OU Israel Center, June 24th, 2018 (11 Tammuz 5778) This shiur is sponsored by Mel and Pessy […]