By Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz, delivered at the OU Israel Center.

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Torah Without Middot Tovot May Be Hazardous to Your Health
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Mishlei 24:30 Laziness and obliviousness destroy one’s property. However, the deeper message is a warning against laziness and obliviousness in the world of ruchniyus What is the difference between עצל and חסר לב: the former knows what to do but is lazy, the latter is oblivious; the result though is the same. When we see […]
Mishlei 9:1 and the Three Books of Bamidbar
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חכמות בנתה ביתה חצבה עמודיה שבעה” – משלי ט:א” The two verses of ויהי בנסוע הארון & ובנוחה יאמר are offset by 2 inverted nuns. Rav Tzadok HaKohen says that the inverted nuns make Bamidbar into 3 books and the Torah into seven books. This is alluded to in Mishlei 9:1. Why is Bamidbar divided […]
The Limits of Human Understanding
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Mishlei 3:5 – “בטח אל ה’ בכל לבך ואל בינתך אל תשען” What is the spiritual value of not knowing the difference between ארור המן and ברוך מרדכי? It is precisely in the Haman episodes in life which are the gifts from God that enable us to actualize our potential. We acknowledge that we don’t understand […]