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2.16 False Prophets
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Sources refer to the Ramchal’s Derech Hashem. —————————————– Since there are evil forces, it is possible for one who manipulates them to be misled into thinking that he is experiencing prophecy. These evil forces can provide a person with misinformation; they can even empower him to work wonders. This is why the Torah warns against […]
The Legend of the Two Brothers and the Temple Mount
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Misconception: God’s choice of Mount Moriah as the site for the Beit Hamikdash is based on a midrash involving two brothers who expressed their mutual devotion to each other by each surreptitiously giving of his grain to the other. Fact: This beautiful and widespread fable has no basis in traditional Jewish literature. Background: The holiest […]
The Best Possible Outcome
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The other day I was talking to man who suffered from anxiety attacks. At any given moment he would start worrying about different types of negative scenarios. He said that it was controlling his life. People have told him, “Have Emunah that everything will be okay.” “But what if it’s not?” he asks, “What if […]