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Sticks and Stones: Insults and How We React To Them
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Why can’t we all just get along? Sometimes, it seems that all we do is engage in bickering and insult, both overt and subtle. There are those who believe that the nature of such engagement is “hardwired” into our social structure. Community, the very thing we laud as Jews, is, according to these sociologists and […]
Where is Hashem?
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Imagine you are seated in an ornate concert hall. The upholstery is stately, the ambiance thick. Suddenly, the house lights dim. The stage is dark. Slowly, the curtains lift, and a train of smartly dressed musicians take their places behind the eighty-one instruments arranged on the stage. On cue, the symphony begins. First the wind […]
50. “Meaningless” Mitzvos
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The Torah teaches the things that one needs to learn in order to achieve perfection – God’s existence, His unity, His eternity, His omniscience and omnipotence, etc. – but only in bullet points. [III, 28] These things can only be truly understood after acquiring an abundance of wisdom of many kinds. The Torah also requires […]