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45. Suffering, as per the Book of Job
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The ideas we have been discussing – man’s free will, God’s omniscience and providence – in short, why bad things happen to good people – are also the theme of the Biblical book of Job. [III, 22] The Rambam subscribes to the Talmudic opinion that Job never existed and that his story is basically a […]
Tzarich Iyun: Washing after Leaving the Washroom
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Misconception:[1] Upon exiting a bathroom, one should wash by pouring water from a keli (utensil) three times on each hand. Fact: There is an obligation to wash after using the bathroom (Shulchan Aruch OC 4:18), but three times is not specified, and a keli is not required. Background: There are many reasons for halachically mandated […]
Less is More
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He (Hillel) used to say: The more flesh the more worms; the more possessions the more worry; the more women the more witchcraft; the more maidservants the more lewdness, the more manservants the more theft. The more Torah the more life, the more schooling the more wisdom; the more counsel the more understanding; the more […]