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Current Issues Facing The Local Vaad Hakashruth Part I
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Featuring "Current Issues Facing The Local Vaad Hakashruth" with Rabbi Yaakov Luban and Rabbi Yoel Shonfeld, "Foodservice Kashering: A Demonstration" with Rabbi Moshe Permulter and "Protecting The Integrity Of The Kosher Meat Supply Chain" with Rabbi Moshe Elefant. Recorded at OU World Headquarters NY, NY on May 1, 2007.
Kashering for Pesach
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Kashering for Pesach: A Demonstration by Rabbi Moshe Perlmutter an OU Rabbinic Field Representative and Kosherization Specialist. Recorded on March 18, 2007 at Lincoln Square Synagogue in NY,NY as part of the Harry H. Beren Ask OU8 Pesach Yom Iyun .