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The Laws of Attire
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Introduction to Attire Various types of attire are considered appropriate for men, single women, married women, and children to wear in public. The standards vary somewhat due to location and era. Sleeping Covered A person should be covered with something when sleeping. This may either by a sheet/other bedding or by a garment that is […]
106. Honoring Students
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Talmud Torah 5:11 One’s primary teacher may choose to waive his honor when it comes to any or all of the above; he may do so with any or all of his students. Even though he waives this level of honor, the student is obligated to show him proper respect. Talmud Torah 5:12 Not only […]
105. To Whom Does This Apply?
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Talmud Torah 5:9 If a student sees his teacher violating the Torah, he should say, “You have taught us such-and-such.” When recounting a piece of Torah in his teacher’s presence, one should say, “You taught us the following, rebbe.” One should not recount something he did not hear from his teacher unless he credits the […]