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MB3 102b: Borrowing and Repaying on Shabbos (307:9-12)
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When can you go to the edge of the Techum on Shabbos afternoon? What if it’s recognizable that you are going to do something that would be asur on Shabbos. Borrowing something on Shabbos for a long period of time & returning it on Shabbos. Taking collateral on Shabbos. Reading a memo/reminder you wrote before […]
MB3 101a: Hiring Workers on Shabbos (307:1-3)
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Even neutral conversation that serves no purpose but isn’t negative should be avoided on Shabbos. How to greet people on Shabbos. Hiring workers on Shabbos is prohibited even if the work won’t be done until after Shabbos. Anything you can’t do on Shabbos (even עובדא דחול), you cannot ask a non-Jew to do on Shabbos. […]
MB3 98b: Paying a Chazzan for Shabbos (306:4-6)
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Paying a worker for 10 days all at once. Are you allowed to hire a chazan for shabbos? Getting paid to be on-call on Shabbos. Financial matters that are categorized as חפצי שמים can be discussed on Shabbos (e.g. funds needed for a shul or for a seudat mitzvah). Discussing a shidduch on Shabbos. Donating […]