456. Interest via Jewish Intermediaries

65:25 If non-Jew asked a Jew to borrow money for him from another Jew, offering collateral or at the very least a promissory note, if the Jewish intermediary bears no responsibility for the loan then such a transaction is permitted. Even if the Jewish agent delivers the interest payments to the lender, he may accept it so long as the lender intends that the responsibility for the collateral and the money are his own and in no way the intermediary’s.

65:26 Similarly, if one Jew gave collateral or a promissory note to another Jew so that he should use it to borrow money with interest for him from a non-Jew, this is permitted so long as the non-Jew only relies on the collateral or the note to collect and the intermediary bears no responsibility at all. Also along these lines, let’s say that one Jew lent money to another Jew against collateral he provided. The borrower may later tell the lender to borrow money from a non-Jew with interest against his collateral, assuring the lender that he (the borrower) will pay the principal and the interest, so long as the non-Jewish lender only relies on the collateral in order to collect.