420. Birkas HaChama

60:5 One also recites the bracha “Oseh maaseh Bereishis” upon seeing seas and mountains that are renowned for their height. (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 228:1 says that one recites “Oseh hayam hagadol” or, according to Mishnah Brurah 228:3, “she’asah es hayam hagadol” – that G-d created the great sea – upon seeing the Mediterranean. Others say this bracha is only recited upon seeing an ocean – MB 228:2.)

60:6 One recites “Oseh maaseh Bereishis” when he sees the sun return to its starting place in its 28-year cycle. On this special occasion, which we call “Birkas HaChama” (the blessing over the sun), we also recite Psalm 148 before the bracha, then Keil Adon through the words “v’chayos hakodesh,” Psalm 19, Aleinu and Kaddish.