793. Nullifying the Chometz

111:9 The chometz that one keeps to eat or to sell should be placed in a secure place before the search. The chometz that one finds during the search, which must be burned the next day, should be put in a secure place and tied up so that none of it gets lost. It should be placed where it will be seen the next day so that he will not forget to burn it.

111:10 After the search, one immediately nullifies his chometz. The main part of the nullification is one’s intention. One should resolve that all chometz in his possession is as if it no longer exists and is of no value, like dust. The Sages said that we should verbalize these thoughts by reciting the paragraph of “Kol Chamira.” One who does not understand the Aramaic should recite this it in a language that he does understand: “All chometz and leaven that is in my possession, that I have not seen and have not removed, should be annulled and considered ownerless, like the dust of the earth.” (If a person knows the gist of the paragraph, he has fulfilled his obligation even if he didn’t understand the words. If he thinks it’s some random prayer, he has not fulfilled his obligation – Mishnah Brurah 434:9.)