366. Large Rooms, Fenced-In Gardens

50:15 Moving from place to place within the same room, even if it’s a very large room, is not considered a change of location. (This is true even if one can’t see his original spot from his new seat because his view is blocked by a partition – Mishnah Brurah 178:9.)

50:16 If one is eating fruit in a garden that has a fence around it, and he says a bracha on fruit from one type of tree with the intention of also eating fruit from different types of trees, he may eat from those other trees even though he can no longer see the place where he recited the bracha. So long as his attention does not become diverted from eating, he does not repeat the bracha. However, if the garden is not fenced in, and all the more so if he traveled from one garden to another, he must say a new bracha and his intention to eat from multiple trees makes no difference. (See Mishnah Brurah 178:38 for a discussion of differing opinions.)