639. Touching Muktzeh

88:12 It is only forbidden to handle muktzeh on Shabbos; one may touch muktzeh if doing so does not cause it to move. Therefore, one may touch a standing menorah even if it is holding lit candles. Similarly, one may take a permitted item that happens to be resting on a muktzeh item. However, one may not touch a hanging light because touching it will also cause it to move. (One may remove a non-muktzeh item from a suspended muktzeh item, like a chandelier, because it’s only being moved indirectly when one takes the non-muktzeh item – Mishnah Brurah 308:19.) It is permitted to cover a muktzeh item with a non-muktzeh item to protect it from the elements.

Moving something with the back of one’s hand (i.e., in an unusual manner) is permitted when it comes to muktzeh. Therefore, if one accidentally left a muktzeh object on top of some permitted object, or if the muktzeh fell onto it on Shabbos, one may shake the muktzeh off if he needs the permitted object. One may carry the permitted object to another place and shake the muktzeh off there. One may also do this if he forgot coins in his pocket and needs this garment, but he may not do so solely for the sake of the muktzeh. If one intentionally placed a muktzeh object on a permitted object before Shabbos, the permitted object becomes a base to the muktzeh (and may not be moved).