404. The Order of Brachos Over Fragrances

58:8 If oil or water (or other liquids – MB 216:26) has been scented, the bracha is “atzei besamim” if it was perfumed with wood and “isvei vesamim” if with plants. If it was scented with both wood and plants, one would say “Borei minei besamim.” Similarly, whenever a fragrance comes from a mixed variety of spices, one would recite “Borei minei besamim.” If the spices are removed from the water or the oil, there is a question whether or not one should then recite a bracha over the liquid since it no longer contains the source of the fragrance. It is therefore advisable to refrain from smelling the liquid. (Mishnah Brurah 216:32 permits one to act leniently in this matter – even at the outset – by smelling such a perfume and reciting “Borei minei besamim.”)

58:9 If a person has a fragrant fruit, spices that come from a tree, aromatic herbs, and a mixed variety of spices, he should recite the appropriate bracha on each item. The fruit comes first, then the item that comes from a tree, then the herbs, and finally the mixed spices. (If one has a personal preference among the items, that takes priority. The order given is for when one has no such preference – MB 216:40.)