390. Olive Oil

54:8 If someone drinks olive oil straight, he would not say a bracha. Olive oil is not a beverage and it’s not advisable to treat it as one. If one mixes olive oil with other things, the oil is considered the secondary item and one would say the bracha on the main item. If one mixes the oil with other ingredients in order to drink it as a health tonic, then his intention is specifically for the oil and he would say ho’eitz even though the oil might be the minority ingredient. If he was thirsty and his main intention was to quench his thirst, even though he also intended to enjoy the tonic’s health benefits, he only says the bracha on the drink. This is also the case if one puts spices in one’s drink: the bracha one recites depends on his intentions.

54:9 Regarding different types of preserves, the honey and sugar are considered secondary ingredients; one only recites the appropriate bracha for the fruit that is the primary ingredient.