375. Shehakol

52:2 On things that do not grow from the ground, like meat, fish, milk, and cheese, we recite the bracha of shehakol. We also recite shehakol on all drinks other than wine and olive oil. (We even recite shehakol on fruit juice – Orach Chaim 202:8 and Mishnah Brurah 202:47.) The word “nihiyeh” in the phrase “shehakol nihiyeh bidvaro” should be pronounced “nihiyaw” according to the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch. (Our practice follows Magen Avraham 204:14; see there.)

52:3 Even though mushrooms and truffles benefit from the moisture of the ground, they do not truly grow from the ground. Therefore, their bracha is shehakol.