634. Food That Cannot be Eaten

88:2 What is the status of food that is completely unfit for people to eat in its present state – even in pressing circumstances – because it requires cooking, but that is currently fit for dogs or other animals? Since this food will be suitable for human consumption at some later time, it is not considered ready for animals or dogs. Similarly, things that are not useful on Shabbos for any purpose are muktzeh. This includes such things as lumber, feathers, hides, wool, flax, animals (including pets), shells of nuts and eggs, bones that are not fit even for dogs, doors or windows of the house that may not be attached on Shabbos, and broken utensils that are no longer suitable for any purpose. These and similar items may not be moved. Broken utensils of glass, however, may be removed from a place where they could cause injury.

88:3 Food that a Jew may not eat – but from which he may derive benefit – that is fit for a non-Jew in its current state, like cooked meat, may be handled by the owner, who can actually give it to a non-Jew.  The food may not be handled if it is not fit for a non-Jew in its current state,  such as uncooked meat – which is not being given to the dogs because it’s fit for a non-Jew – or if one can’t give it to a non-Jew  because it belongs to someone else.