377. Fruit That’s Inedible Raw

52:6 Conversely, if produce tastes better raw than cooked, since cooking detracts from the flavor, the bracha is shehakol when cooked. Even if the item was cooked with meat, and the meat improved the flavor, the bracha is still shehakol because the meat is the main item. If, however, it is cooked so that the produce is the main item and its flavor is improved, such as by cooking it in oil or honey, then we would say ho’eitz or ho’adomah as appropriate.

52:7 There are lesser types of fruit, such as those that grow wild on thorn bushes or other trees that are not edible raw, like wild apples. Even though these are edible when cooked, their bracha is shehakol. (Those that were planted and cultivated would be ho’eitz or ho’adomah as appropriate – Biyur Halacha 203:4 s.v. ilanei sarak.) Even though hazelnuts grow wild, they are considered a more significant type of fruit and their bracha is ho’eitz.