608. Bandages

84:8 One may go out with a bandage on a wound so long as it wasn’t placed on the wound on Shabbos. Since the bandage helps his wound to heal, it’s like jewelry. One may tie the bandage with an insignificant piece of cloth because the cloth is considered subordinate to the bandage. However, something of significance, like a scarf or some similar object, may not be used for this purpose; since it would not be subordinate to the bandage and this isn’t the normal way of wearing it, it would be considered carrying a burden. (If the scarf is actually used as a bandage, placed directly on the wound, it may be worn outside that way on Shabbos – Mishnah Brurah 301:77.)

84:9 A person may go out on Shabbos with cotton in his ear to absorb the moisture so long as it is tied and well inserted so that it can’t fall out. Similarly, one may go out with a pad in his sandals so long as it’s inserted so that it can’t fall out. (This is generally not problematic with our enclosed shoes – OC 303:15.)