925. Wearing Shoes on Yom Kippur

133:7 Anointing is prohibited, even to remove dirt and even if done on just part of one’s body. If a person is ill, even if not dangerously so, he may anoint in his usual fashion. If a person has scabs, since it is not our practice for healthy people to anoint them on weekdays, it is prohibited to anoint them on Yom Kippur, as this is obviously being done as a medical treatment.

133:8 When it comes to wearing shoes on Yom Kippur, some authorities prohibit even wooden shoes without a leather covering, though shoes made of rubber, straw or cloth are permitted.  One should be careful not to wear shoes even in a place that is muddy or wet, and even when walking among non-Jews (who will mock him for this – Mishnah Brurah 614:15).  If one is very distressed by having to walk through mud or puddles without shoes, he may put on sandals without heels, or even shoes with heels if he places them on the opposite feet.  At the entrance to the shul, he should remove them and stash them away (since his dirty shoes are a disgrace to the shul on this holy day – MB ibid.), being careful not to touch them so that he won’t have to wash his hands.