924. Who May Wash?

133:5 A person who is ill, even if not dangerously so, may wash normally.  A bride within thirty days of her wedding may wash her face in order to not appear unattractive to her husband. (Mishnah Brurah 613:26 says that the case of a newlywed washing her face is no longer our practice.)

133:6 If a person has a nocturnal emission on Yom Kippur, if it is still wet, he cleans it with a cloth. If it has already dried, then he washes the just the affected area, the same as one would for excrement. He may not wash using a cloth in order to avoid wringing out, which is a prohibited activity.  He may likewise not go to the mikvah even though he normally would during the rest of the year.  He should discuss the situation with a Torah scholar, who will give him advise as far as how to atone for this.