1,063. “Negiah” at a Wedding

152:13 The Torah authorities have discussed at length the practice in certain places for a bride and groom to hug and kiss, and for the young men and women to dance  together. First off, there is the problem of ritual impurity, as all of the young women are presumed to be ritually unclean. There is no difference in the prohibition of ritual impurity between a married and an unmarried woman. Additionally, one who touches her in an affectionate manner would be liable to lashes. Also, this conduct sexually stimulates a person, leading him to sin.  Certainly, anyone who is able to protest must do so.  At the very least, a person must supervise his own household in his matter.  Anyone who is able to protest and doesn’t do so is an accomplice in the sin. One who saves others from sinning also saves himself.

152:14 If there is a woman whom one is considering marrying, it’s permitted and appropriate for him to look at her in order to determine if he finds her desirable. He may not, however, look at her in a lustful fashion. This is the meaning of Job 31:1, “I have made a covenant with my eyes; why should I look at a maiden?”