1,036. The Yichud Room

147:5 They lead the groom under the chuppah – again, that’s the canopy suspended on poles – and, with him facing east, the shaliach tzibbur sings whatever is appropriate according to the local practice. The bride’s attendants lead her in. The groomsmen and other notable people walk to greet the bride and, as they draw near to her, they turn back towards the chuppah. The bride’s attendants bring her in and go with her around the groom seven times while the shaliach tzibbur again sings according to the accepted local practice. After this, the bride is placed on the right side of the groom. The one reciting the brachos stands to the side, facing east.

148:1 The main part of the “chuppah” is that after the ceremony, the couple is led to a designated room where they eat together in seclusion. Others must be prevented from entering so that the couple is completely alone. This is the part that actually effects the marriage.