1,022. Marrying for Money

145:7 It is permitted for a man to marry a respectable woman even if he’s doing so for money, provided that the money is being given to him voluntarily. However, if he refrains from marrying until he finds a woman with an amount of money he wants, or if he gets engaged based on the promise of a large sum of money but the bride’s family reneges and he delays the wedding or gets into arguments because of this – anyone who does these things is considered to be marrying because of money. Such a person will have children who are neither respectable nor successful, and his marriage will go poorly. This is because the money that a man receives with his wife isn’t a good source of income. Rather, whatever his in-laws give him, he should accept graciously, and then the marriage will be successful.

145:8 An unlearned person should not marry the daughter of a kohein; things do not bode well for such a match. One who is stringent should try not to marry a woman with the same name as his mother.