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MB4 256b: A Chatzeir Between Two Mavuyos (386:9)
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Using a food for shituf mavuyot that you declared will become kodesh when Shabbos begins. Using an item you declared will become chulin when Shabbos begins (machloket Rashi vs. Ritva what the case is). Food that will only become edible after Shabbos begins. A chatzer which made a shituf mavuyos with the mavuyos on both […]
MB4 253a: Boats and Eruvei Chatzeros (382:19-20)
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If Jews live in a chatzer with a gentile and the Jewish houses are connected via windows and they make an eruv via the windows they can’t carry via the courtyard. If 2+ Jews are travelling on a ship (e.g. a cruise ship) and have separate rooms but eat together they are a single entity. […]