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MB3 174b: Emptying a Storehouse on Shabbos (333:1-2)
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Beginning to empty a storehouse (of non-muktzah items) on Shabbos to use the space vs. to use the items (טירחא יתירה). What if you began before Shabbos? Moving items in a storehouse aside to make a path or for a דבר מצוה (e.g. הכנסת אורחים, סעודת מצוה). The permissible way to empty items from a […]
MB3 170b: Childbirth on Shabbos (330:1-3)
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A women in labor is considered a חולה שיש בו סכנה and Shabbos can be violated for her. Having a Jewish vs. non-Jewish driver. What other melachot can be violated for a woman in labor? Assisting in the childbirth of an עכו”ם. Practicing medicine on Shabbos.