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MB4 196b: Private Domain on Shabbos (345:4-7)
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Status of holes in a wall that separates a reshut hayachid from a reshut harabim. What if the hole is open to both domains? The height of a reshut hayachid/reshut harabim A kli as its own reshut. The definition of a reshut harabim (public domain); what if only part of the area is covered?
MB4 196a: The Four Domains of Shabbos (345:1-3)
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The four domains of Shabbos: public, private, karmelit, and makom petur. The definition of a reshut hayachid (private domain): an area enclosed by four walls that is at least 4 tefachim square. How do we calculate the four tefachim? The status of the walls enclosing a reshut hayachid
MB3 193a: Haforas Nedarim on Shabbos (341:1-3)
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If you made a neder that affects Shabbos (e.g. not eating), you can do הפרת נדרים on Shabbos. הפרת נדרים has to be done with a שינוי but התרת נדרים via a חכם doesn’t require a שינוי. What if a person makes a neder to do a specific מלאכה by a specific date which happens […]