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The Dripping Air Conditioner
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If there’s water dripping from your air conditioner, is the water muktzah? The Shulchan Aruch rules you can put a kli under dripping rainwater and spill it out when it gets full as long as the water is usable. However the Mishna Brurah says dew from a tree is muktzah. Which case is more similar […]
Beaches, Sand and Muktzah
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The Mishna Brurah says that something that isn’t a kli or food or animal food is considered מוקצה מחמת גופו and he includes dirt, sand, and stones. Can you walk on the sand? Is a sandbox muktzah on Shabbos; can you designate the sand for use on Shabbos? Can a toy which is not a […]
Why I Let My Son Play With My Phone
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A כלי שמלאכתו לאיסור can be moved לצורך גופו ומקומו. Can you move a smartphone on Shabbos? It would appear to be מוקצה מחמת חסרון כיס, something very expensive that you wouldn’t use except for its intended purpose. The Beit Meir adds a caveat to this rule.