Yoma 4:6-5:1

Yoma 4:6

On other days of the year, there were four wood piles but on Yom Kippur there were five; this is the opinion of Rabbi Meir. Rabbi Yosi says that on other days there were three and on Yom Kippur there were four. Rabbi Yehuda says on other days two and on Yom Kippur three.

Yoma 5:1

They brought the Kohein Gadol the ladle and the fire pan. He filled both his hands with incense and put it into the ladle. There was no designated volume for this incense – it was however much or however little the Kohein Gadol’s hands could hold. He took the fire pan in his right hand and the ladle in his left hand, and he walked through the Sanctuary until he reached the two curtains that separated the Holy from the Holy of Holies. There was a cubit between these curtains (about 18 inches). Rabbi Yosi says there was only one curtain there, as per Exodus 26:33, “the curtain shall divide for you between the Holy and the Holy of Holies.” The outer curtain was attached on the south side and the inner curtain was attached on the north side. The Kohein Gadol walked between these curtains until he reached the north side (where the inner curtain was attached), then he turned to the south and walked with the curtain to his left until he reached the Ark. When he arrived at the Ark, he placed the fire pan between its two staves. He piled the incense on the coals and the Holy of Holies filled with smoke. He came out the way he entered, reciting a short prayer in the outer chamber. The Kohein Gadol did not prolong his prayer so that the people should not be concerned (about the possibility that he may have died).
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