Yoma 3:7-8

Yoma 3:7

For the morning service, the Kohein Gadol wore garments of fine, white Egyptian linen, worth 12 maneh; for the afternoon service, he wore garments of white linen from India worth 800 zuz (i.e., 8 maneh). This is the opinion of Rabbi Meir; the Sages say that the morning garments cost 18 maneh and the afternoon garments cost 12 maneh, for a total of 30 maneh. (Why does the Mishna need to tell us that 18+12=30? The Talmud – Yoma 35a – explains that 30 maneh was the budget for the garments. The costs were adjustable within this budget so long as the morning garments were the superior ones.) These 30 maneh came from communal funds but if the Kohein Gadol wanted to contribute more from his own money, he was permitted to do so.

Yoma 3:8

The Kohein Gadol came to the bull that he was to offer for himself, which was standing between the hall (ulam) and the altar, its head pointing south and its face turned to the west (i.e., facing the Sanctuary). The Kohein Gadol stood in the east facing west. He put his hands on the bull’s head and recited the following confession: “Hashem, I have done wrong, sinned and transgressed before You – both I and my household. Hashem, please forgive the wrongs, the sins and the transgressions that I have wronged, sinned and transgressed before You – both I and my household – as is written in the Torah that You delivered through Your servant Moses, ‘On this day, atonement will be made for you’ (Leviticus 16:30).” The people responded “Blessed be His Name, the glory of Whose Kingdom is forever and ever.”
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