Yoma 2:4-5

Yoma 2:4

The third lottery in the Temple was for those kohanim who had never yet offered the incense. The fourth and final lottery was to determine who would bring the limbs from the ramp to the altar. This last lottery was open to all kohanim, whether they had performed this service before or not.

Yoma 2:5

The twice-daily tamid sacrifice could be offered by 9, 10, 11 or 12 kohanim – not more or less. The sacrifice itself was offered by nine kohanim. On Succos, an additional kohein held a pitcher of water, for a total of 10 kohanim. In the afternoon, there were 11 – the original nine plus two more holding logs for the woodpile. Shabbos was also 11 – the usual nine plus two holding the frankincense from the showbread. On the Shabbos of Succos, there were 12 – the usual 11 of Shabbos plus one holding the pitcher of water.
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