Terumos 9:4-5

Terumos 9:4

Produce that grows from terumah is treated as terumah but the produce that grows from that produce is treated as chullin (non-sanctified). Produce that grew from tevel (untithed produce), from first tithe, from produce of the sabbatical year that grew on its own, from terumah of produce from outside Israel, from medumah (a terumah/chullin mixture), or from first fruits is treated as chullin. Produce that grew from sanctified produce or second tithe is also chullin and one redeems them for the price of what was planted.

Terumos 9:5

If a field contained 100 beds of produce that grew from terumah and one that grew from chullin, and it is not known which is the one that grew from chullin, they are all permitted if it is a type of seed that disintegrates (like grain). If it is a species where what he planted endures (like onions), then they are all prohibited even if there are 100 of chullin and one of terumah.
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