Terumos 8:8-9

Terumos 8:8

What if a question of ritual impurity arises regarding a barrel of terumah? Rabbi Eliezer says that if the terumah was in an exposed place, he should move it to a concealed place (to keep it from becoming definitely unclean); if it was left uncovered, he should cover it. Rabbi Yehoshua says that if the terumah was in a concealed place, he should expose it (so that it will become definitely unclean and then he can burn it); if it is covered, he should uncover it. Rabban Gamliel says that however the terumah is, he should leave it alone and do nothing.

Terumos 8:9

If a jar of terumah wine broke in the upper part of the wine vat while the lower part of the vat is ritually impure, Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yehoshua agree that if he can salvage one ritually pure reviis of wine (about 3.3 ounces), he should do so. If he can’t, Rabbi Eliezer says that he should let it fall and become unclean passively rather than catch it and render it unclean actively.
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