Terumos 4:11-12

Terumos 4:11

If a seah of terumah (about 3.5 gallons) fell on top of a stored heap of produce and the owner skimmed off the top layer, Rabbi Eliezer says that if the layer he took is 100 seah, what fell is cancelled as one part in 101. Rabbi Yehoshua says it does not get cancelled. If a seah of terumah fell on top of a stored heap of produce, the top layer must be skimmed off. If the situation can be remedied by removing the layer, why did they say that the terumah status of food is cancelled out one part in 101? This is for when it’s not known if the terumah got mixed into the heap or for when we don’t know where exactly it fell.

Terumos 4:12

If there were two baskets or heaps of non-terumah produce (each containing a volume of 50 seah) and a seah of terumah fell into one of them but we don’t know which, the two combine to cancel out the terumah status. Rabbi Shimon says that if the owner had two such baskets or piles, they combine to form the requisite volume even if they are in different cities.
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