Succah 3:15-4:1

Note: The following mishna does not reflect our practice, which is not to take the lulav at all on Shabbos.

Succah 3:15

A woman may receive the lulav from her son or her husband and put it back into its water on Shabbos. Rabbi Yehuda says that on Shabbos it may only be replaced into its water but on yom tov one may even add fresh water and on chol hamoed one may change the water completely. A minor who knows how to wave a lulav is obligated to do so.

Succah 4:1

The mitzvah of lulav and the mitzvah of the aravos (explained in 4:5) lasted six or seven days. Hallel and rejoicing last eight days (the week of Succos plus Shemini Atzeres). The mitzvah of succah and the water libations last for seven days. The musical accompaniment lasted five or six days. (The details of this mishna are discussed throughout this chapter and into 5:1.)
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