Succah 3:13-14

Note: The following two mishnayos do not reflect our practice, which is not to take the lulav at all on Shabbos.

Succah 3:13

In Temple times, when the first day of Succos fell on Shabbos, everyone would being their lulavim to shul in advance. The next day, they would get up early, go to shul, find their lulavim and take them because the Sages say that one can only fulfill the mitzvah on the first day with his own lulav. The rest of the holiday, one may fulfill the mitzvah using another person’s lulav.

Succah 3:14

Rabbi Yosi says that if the first day of Succos falls on Shabbos and someone absentmindedly took his lulav out into the public domain, he is exempt because he took it out for a legitimate purpose.
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