Shekalim 5:5-6

Shekalim 5:5

If a person paid for libations but he lost his seal, he would have to wait until the evening. If they had a surplus of funds corresponding to the seal that he had lost, they would give him a new libation or a refund; if not, he didn’t receive anything. Each seal was marked with the day of the week to keep people from pulling scams (by finding lost seals and coming later to receive a libation he hadn’t paid for. Presumably one would not try to cash it in the same day because it was likely he would encounter the one who lost it).

Shekalim 5:6

There were two chambers in the Temple: the chamber of secrets and the chamber of utensils. Pious people would anonymously deposit money in the chamber of secrets and needy people who were ashamed to receive charity would receive it anonymously. Those who contributed utensils would deposit them into the chamber of utensils. Once every 30 days, the Temple treasurers would open the chamber. They kept any utensil they could use for the upkeep of the Temple; the rest were sold and the money was deposited in the treasury to be used towards the upkeep of the Temple.
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