Shabbos 18:2-3

Shabbos 18:2

If a person set bundles of straw, wood or vegetation aside for use as cattle feed, they may be handled on Shabbos, otherwise not. One may invert a basket in front of chicks so that they will go up and down on it. If a chicken escapes, one may prod it to return to where it belongs. A person may lead or pull calves and young donkeys in the public domain, and a woman may lead or pull her child. Rabbi Yehuda specifies that the latter is only permitted if the child picks up one foot and puts the other down. If he won’t lift his feet so that his mother must drag him, it is prohibited.

Shabbos 18:3

One may not actively deliver an animal on Shabbos (“deliver” as in “to deliver a baby”) but one may catch it so it doesn’t fall on the ground. One may deliver a baby on Shabbos and call a midwife from a distant place (i.e., outside the Shabbos boundary). One may violate Shabbos for a woman in labor and one may tie the baby’s umbilical cord. Rabbi Yosi says that one may even cut the umbilical cord. Anything necessary for a bris may be performed on Shabbos.
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