Shabbos 16:6-7

Shabbos 16:6

If a non-Jew comes to put out the fire, they do not instruct him to put it out, nor to refrain from putting it out because Jews are not required to make non-Jews refrain from labor on Shabbos. If a minor comes to put it out, they do stop him because Jews are responsible to make Jewish minors refrain from labor on Shabbos.

Shabbos 16:7

One may invert an earthenware dish over an oil lamp so that it will not set fire to a beam. One may also place such a dish over dung to keep a child from getting into it, or over a scorpion to keep it from stinging people. Rabbi Yehuda said that the case of a scorpion once came before Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai in a place called Arav and he ruled that the person in question was liable to bring a sin offering.
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