Shabbos 16:2-3

Shabbos 16:2

If a fire breaks out, one may save enough food for three meals – human food for people and animal feed for cattle – as follows: If a fire broke out Friday night, one may save enough food for three meals; Shabbos morning, enough for two meals; Shabbos afternoon, enough for one meal. Rabbi Yosi says that one may always save enough food for three meals.

Shabbos 16:3

One may save a basket full of loaves of bread, a cake of pressed figs or a bottle of wine even if it is enough for 100 meals. A homeowner may also declare food ownerless and invite others to save it for themselves. If they are practical, they will return the food to the homeowner after Shabbos and accept payment for it. The saved food is taken to a courtyard where an eiruv has been made; Ben Beseira permits the food to be taken even to a courtyard without an eiruv.
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