Pesachim 7:3-4

Pesachim 7:3

If someone basted his Passover offering with oil that was terumah, a group of kohanim (Priests) may eat it. Yisroelim (Israelites) may rinse it off if the offering is still raw. If it has already been roasted, they must peel off a layer of it. If it was basted with oil of second tithe, he may not charge the members of the group for the oil because second tithe may not be redeemed in Jerusalem.

Pesachim 7:4

Five things (all public offerings) may be offered in a state of ritual impurity but may not be eaten in a state of ritual impurity: the omer, the two Shavuos loaves, the showbread, public peace-offerings, and the goats brought on Rosh Chodesh. A Passover offering brought in a state of ritual impurity (permitted when the majority of people were ritually unclean) could also be eaten in a state of ritual impurity because the whole reason to bring the Passover offering is to eat it.
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