Pesachim 5:9-10

Pesachim 5:9

There were iron hooks in the walls and on the pillars from which people would hang and skin their sacrifices. If someone didn’t have a spot to work, there were also smooth staves that two people would lay across their shoulders to hang and skin their offerings. Rabbi Eliezer said that when 14 Nisan fell on Shabbos, people would places their hands on one another’s shoulders to hang and skin the animals.

Pesachim 5:10

The carcass was torn open and the entrails were removed. These were placed on a tray and burned on the altar. When 14 Nisan fell on Shabbos, the first shift would exit and sit on the Temple mount, the second shift would sit in the cheil (an area near the women’s section) and the third group remained in the courtyard. After Shabbos ended, they would leave to roast their offerings.
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