Pesachim 4:6-7

Pesachim 4:6

Rabbi Meir said that if one began work before 14 Nisan, he may complete it on 14 Nisan, though one may not begin work on 14 Nisan even if he can complete it that same day. The Sages say that three types of skilled workers can work on 14 Nisan (because their services are needed for yom tov): tailors, barbers and launderers. Rabbi Yosi bar Yehuda adds leather workers.

Pesachim 4:7

One may set eggs under chickens (to incubate them) on 14 Nisan. If a hen escaped, one may return it to its place (on chol hamoed); if it died, it may be replaced. One may rake dung from under cattle on 14 Nisan; on chol hamoed, it may be swept to the sides of the stall. One may take utensils to a craftsman (for repair) and bring them back from a craftsman on 14 Nisan even if they are not needed for yom tov.
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