Pesachim 3:4-5

Pesachim 3:4

Rabban Gamliel says that three women may knead dough for matzah together and bake in the same oven, one after another (and we are not concerned that the last one’s dough will rise). The Sages say that all three women may be occupied with dough simultaneously – one kneading, one shaping and one baking. Rabbi Akiva says (in response to Rabban Gamliel) that women vary from one another, wood varies, and ovens also vary. The general rule is that if a woman’s dough starts to rise, she forestalls it with cold water.

Pesachim 3:5

Dough that partially leavened (siur) must be burned before Passover but if someone ate it, he would not be liable for the penalty of kareis (excision). Dough that has cracked (siduk - indicating the presence of leaven) must be burned before Passover and if someone ate it, he would be liable for kareis. The former (siur) has cracks resembling a locust’s antennae, while the latter (siduk) has so many cracks that they intersect; this is the opinion of Rabbi Yehuda. The Sages say that one who eats either of these things is liable to kareis and siur is dough whose surface has gone pale like the skin of a terrified person.
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