Pesachim 1:1-2

Pesachim 1:1

On the eve of 14 Nisan, we search for chometz by the light of a candle. Any place where chometz is not brought need not be searched. The Sages required that two rows of wine casks in a cellar be searched when it is a place where chometz is brought. Beis Shammai say that they required searching two rows over the entire height and length of the cellar, while Beis Hillel say that they only required the two outermost rows, which are the top rows.

Pesachim 1:2

One need not be concerned that a weasel dragged chometz from one house to another, or from one room to another. If we’re going to worry about that, we’d have to be concerned about chometz dragged in from another courtyard, another town, et cetera ad infinitum.
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