Nedarim 9:6-7

Nedarim 9:6

Openings to annul vows may be made based on Shabbos and yom tov (such as if one vowed not to eat for a certain period of time and Shabbos or yom tov was coming). They used to say that only those days would become permitted but his vow would still apply on all other days but when Rabbi Akiva came, he taught that if a vow is partially annulled, it is completely annulled.

Nedarim 9:7

What do we mean when we say that if a vow is partially annulled, it is completely annulled? For example, if a person said, “Konam that I benefit from any of you,” if one person becomes permitted to him, they all become permitted. “That I do not derive benefit from person A and person B,” then if the first person becomes permitted, they all become permitted. If the last person becomes permitted, only he is permitted and the others remain prohibited. If a middle person in such a list becomes permitted, those after him in the list are also permitted but those before him remain prohibited. If one vows, “that I do not benefit from A as a sacrifice, nor from B as a sacrifice,” then each person on the list must be annulled individually (since each is a separate vow).
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