Bikkurim 3:3-4

Bikkurim 3:3

People who lived close to Jerusalem would bring fresh figs and grapes to Jerusalem; those who lived far away would bring dried figs and raisins. An ox would travel before the procession, its horns plated with gold and a crown of olive branches on its head. A flute would be played before them until they drew close to Jerusalem. When they drew close to Jerusalem, they sent messengers ahead to announce their arrival and they arranged their first fruits attractively. The various Temple officers would come out to greet them, which they did corresponding to the prestige of those arriving. All the craftsmen in Jerusalem would stand up and greet them saying, “Our brothers, the men of (name of city), come in peace.”

Bikkurim 3:4

The flute would be played before them until they reached the Temple Mount, at which point even King Aggripas would place a basket on his shoulder and enter as far as the Temple courtyard. Upon reaching the courtyard, the Leviim would sing Psalms 30:2, “I will extol You, Hashem, because You have lifted me up and not caused my enemies to rejoice over me.”
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