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Sukka 25a-31b
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Sukka 25a-b – One mitzvah exempting you from another The Mishnah on today’s daf (page) teaches about situations where people can forgo the mitzvah of sukka. According to the Mishnah, sheluhei mitzvah – people occupied with performance of a mitzvah – are not obligated in the commandment of sukka. Also included on this list are […]
Sukka 11a-17b
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Sukka 11a-b – Roofing for one’s sukka The Mishnah on our daf (page) teaches the basic rule about s’khakh. The “roof” of the sukka must be made from something that grows from the ground and is in its original form – i.e. is has not been made into a serviceable item (a keli) which is […]