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Perek Hatecheiles
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Menachos perek 4 – Download brochure in PDF Includes: Techeiles Revisited – Rabbi Berel Wein Principles Regarding Tying Tzitzis with Techeiles Kala Ilan – Rabbi Ari Zivotofsky Dyeing Techeiles – Dr. Baruch Sterman Maareh Sheni in Dyeing Techeiles Rav Achai’s Dilemna The Coins of Techeiles – Dr. Ari Greenspan Courtesy of Ptil Tekhelet. Provided for informational purposes only. Please consult your own rabbi […]
Mishna Yomit – New Cycle Starts March 30!
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The OU’s Mishna Yomit program will start a new cycle on March 30, 2016. With Mishna Yomit, listeners can learn two mishnayos a day and complete all of Shas Mishnayos in a little under six years. In the previous cycle, Mishna Yomit offered a daily audio shiur delivered by an educator, usually from OU Torah […]